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A podcast through which Brian R. King, MSW "The Mindset King" shares laser focused tips and strategies for business & life success even while facing adversity. Brian delves into the depths of his experience as a cancer survivor, someone living with ADHD, Dyslexia, hEDS and Multiple Sclerosis as well as the parent of three sons with ADHD and Asperger's to bring you his very best. This podcast also features occasional interviews with professionals who live with mental or physical health challenges while striving to live in their personal and professional lives. They are true champions of resourcefulness and resilience with transformational wisdom.

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    EP 70 - Make your morning routine calming instead of crazy making by . . .

    You have a lot to do to get ready for your day don't you?

    Does it feel busy, rushed to you?

    I used to make sure it felt that way too (subconsciously).

    I changed things up dramatically this morning and the result was significant.

    I was calmer and more centered when I was through. Listen as I describe what I did.​​​​​​​​

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    EP 68 - When change happens, meet it gracefully

    Therapeutic phlebotomy - this is today's word class.

    It's modern medical lingo for blood letting. It's how they treat a chronic blood disorder called polycythemia (another of my precious gifts).

    My schedule had a lot of free time in it today during which I planned to catch up.

    Until a call from my Hematologists' office explaining yesterday's blood test revealed I need to have another treatment (usually removing 1 pint of blood).

    This is routine, no biggie, outpatient.

    It's simply another lesson about life. There's what we plan and there's what actually happens.

    It isn't bad, wrong, there's no should or shouldn't, it's just life.

    You can't control it but you can learn to adjust to it gracefully. Listen as I offer tips for doing this.

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    EP 63 - When I became afraid to breathe

    When I learned my breathing was being affected by MS, it's like every breath became a reminder of my illness. The subsequent anxiety made matters worse.

    Then it occurred to me how my meditation practice could become the very thing to solve this problem for me. Listen as I explore this.

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    EP 62 - A realization about gratitude

    Whether you're pissed, panicked, inspired or feeling loved, gratitude for what is happening can work its way into the experience. It provides us with a marvelous opportunity as you will hear in this episode.

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